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Decoding Decor With LeelaTheStore-Ep-01- PANTONE

Hello Everyone!

Hope all are doing well! This Is Kriti Sharma, Founder of LeelaTheStore & I'm here to tell you how to incorporate new interior trends in your homes, every week , with our Decoding Decor With Leela Series. 

So, Let's Begin!

This Week, We'll be covering the update all decor/interior junkies wait for. The PANTONE Colour Of The YEAR!

For 2021, Pantone has chosen "Ultimate Grey & Illuminating Yellow". Industrial grey has been slowly, but steadily rising in the interior decoration scene.  I think one of the reasons being that it's subtle neutrality provides such an excellent canvas to design a space around. Be it the colour of your walls,  your furniture, anything, it plays will anyway its used. 

And we know yellow has been pretty much always been around but a-lot of us hesitate to use it due to its sheer brightness. 

But there are endless ways one can incorporate these colours into their homes. 

These are my Top 4 suggestions:

1. GREY WALLS are literally EVERYTHING. Compliment them by making wooden panelling on the wall & give them character. This ways, your house has a great foundations to be styled upon. This can also use dual shades of grey to add a variation to the room. 

2. Use the Colour contradictions of Greenery from plants with grey walls/furniture/Interiors. The Beauty of Grey is that some solid colors looks amazing paired with it. How to incorporate one better than using plants. If you choose to paint your walls grey, make sure you have sticking big plants for that burst of green.

3. GREY & WOOD are a match made in heaven. You know all those lofty interiors pictures we're obsessed with on Instagram? Next time you come across them, notice how well grey & wood work together.  You too, can incorporate this vibe into your home, If you have a wood panelling on your statement wall, pair it with a gray couch/furniture set. Contrast the remaining with white & violaaaa, you have an amazing setting. 

Orrrr, go fro the rustic grey interiors that feature grey walls and wooden furniture such as a statement wooden dining table.

4.  The Hottest interior combination right now is GREY & YELLOW,  even Pantone had to give in. Incorporate these two colours in your home in form of decorative accessories. Put a burst of yellow in your home with a yellow throw or a yellow bedcover. 

Get an old bookshelf refurbished and paint it rustic yellow to stand out in any setting. You can subtle hues of yellow in form of cushions all around your home to connect each space. 

BONUS: Another way yellow can be used in your home is in the form of wall paper. Either use a floral yellow wallpaper in your children's bedroom or use it in a bathroom, pairing it with darker interiors. Either way, it instantly makes a room brighter. 




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