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Welcome To The Majestic World Of Brass. Brass Objects Have Been A Part Of Our Heritage Since The Dawn Of Time. Ranging From Home Decor, To Infrastructure To Various Other Fields, Brass Has Always Been There!!


 Brass is one of the oldest metals to have existed in the world. In India, Brass Was First Seen Being Used in Lothal (Gujrat), Atranjikhera (Uttar Pradesh) & Taxila (An Ancient Indian city now in Pakistan) in the 2nd 7 3rd Millennium BC

Till Today, brass is regarded as one of the most beautiful, auspicious metals in Indian culture. Brass has been a symbol of prosperity, festivities, good luck in the Indian Culture for Eons.

 An Alloy Of zins & copper, this metal is hugely beneficial. Our Indian royals were Obsessed with this metal. Not Only Does it look beautiful when carved into decorative but by drinking water that has been stored in a brass container not only increases one’s immunity, it also helps aid digestive issues.

 Brass is being used in India since the ancient. Although mostly in the form of utensils in the earlier years, slowly and steadily the value of brass increased and so did its uses. Brass was often used a coins used for monetary exchanges. Brass slowly also made its was into décor through vases coated with gold or some of them with precious stones embedded in it. Some brass objects were hand beaten to give a distinct pattern. (show the hand beaten handi)

 A lot of storage was also made of brass such as sandooks etc.

 Today, brass is the most cherished and widely used metal in terms of home décor. Not only is it the most durable and rust resistant, it looks just divine.


 Brass is considered one of the most auspicious metals in the Indian culture. Not only is it used to serve fruits, flowers and sweets in various Indian festivals, it adds beauty is all the Indian festivals too. From big Indian Festivals such as Diwali, Holi & Raksha Bandhan to smaller havan’s and pooja’s, brass sits in the center of all essentials in the form of Dhoop dhani’s, incense holder, Pooja thali’s, Diya’s etc.