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A pantry for home

Pantry seem like such a fancy word or something that only a few can accommodate in their daily lives. But it is actually very customizable & very personal.


A Pantry is almost essential to any home. It is a One-Stop-Shop for all things are essential to your home, particularly for stuff dedicated to consumption. It helps you organize better, make room in the kitchen for daily/regular used stuff. A Pantry is useful in many ways. Not only does it store all your essentials and consumables safely and at one place, it also provides everyone an opportunity to keep a track of their monthly expenditure in this area and helps one save a considerable amount, just by sheer organization.

It is also an Excellent way to keep an inventory of your essentials/consumables.

Another advantage of a Pantry is that it makes the job of parent a little easier if not considerably easy.

Although some houses don’t always provide the provisions/space to accommodate a pantry, we feel, if one can, they must!

Now that we have the reasons and the benefits of having a pantry pinned down, let’s take a closer looks on the list of essentials to keep in a pantry and the essentials of organization & the Décor of the Pantry.




A BIG reason of having a reason is storage. So, if you’ve gone through the ordeal of making a pantry, let us make sure you have all the essentials you need to make it a hit.

We would divide essentials into categories, namely:

  • Daily Essentials
  • Canned Goods
  • Baking Essentials
  • Equipment


Let’s Explore These Categories A Little More.



  1. Daily Essentials: These are things one uses almost every day in cooking or around the kitchen. Although one would store the daily essentials at the place of use, one can store inventory of these items. For example, Herbs, spices and oils are almost used daily in cooking. A Pantry would allow you to buy these in a larger quantity, only use a smaller amount at a time and storing the rest for later. This way, when you buy in bulk, you save money, time and the frequent trips to the super market or any shop near you. The Daily Essentials list includes: Herds, Spices, Oils, Cereal, Flour, Dry Pastas,Multi Grains etc.                             
    Herbs and spices as an essential element in the pantryOils as a essential part of a home pantry
  2. Canned Goods: These are another type of essentials that are necessary for a pantry. Imagine a rainy, lazy day and you’re just not in a mood to cook anything. These canned goods come in handy. From foods such as baked beans to a tin of soup, these are a quick fix to all your cravings with minimum efforts.
  3. Baking Essentials: Unless you’re a professional baker, these goods don’t really fall under the daily essentials’ category for you. However, if you are fond of baking, there are some baking essentials you should always have in your pantry. These include Flavoring's, baking soda, yeast, flours, milks etc. 
    Baking Essentials required as part of a home pantry
  4. Equipment: Food and Equipment for hand in hand. But sometimes, the space in the kitchen can get a tad bit over crowded and doesn’t leave enough room for other necessary daily items. No worries, if you have a pantry, you can stow away the appliances in there for whenever required. Appliances such as a food processor, mixer grinder, kneader, air fryer, measuring cups etc. are some examples of things that come under this category.
    A food processer




Although there are many more things that come under essentials, these were the four main ones that we recommended are must haves in a pantry. Now, let’s explore the organization part of the pantry. This is one of the most important aspects of a pantry. The organization bit is what the main purpose of a pantry is at a house. Let’s take a look at what you would need to keep the organizational aspect in check!




Who doesn’t like their stuff to be organized. But sometimes, organization can be a little pain in the ***. But with the right tools & a little motivation, it can become an essential and fun part of your life. In fact, organizing is said to be really therapeutic. It gives you a sense of clarity, a sense of calm & your space looks and feels amazing. We recommend having the items mentioned in the list below. These are ABSOLUTELY necessary for your pantry to completely fulfil its purpose & make your life easier.


Required Items:

  • Baskets
  • Clear Dividers- These help in those tight corners or tight vertical spaces.
  • Shelves
  • Pull Out Drawers
  • Label Maker- We CANNOT stress enough on having a label maker. It makes it easier to identify every item in the pantry.
  • Storage Cans
  • Clear Storage Jars- These are meant for your dry Items.
  • Recycling Bins
  • Cloth/Re-useable Shopping bags
  • An Easy Access Counter


A collection of re-useable cloth shopping bags as a home pantry elementClear Jars or containers for storing items in a home pantry


Pull Out DrawersA Label maker for a home pantry

These are some of the things, according to us, that are absolutely necessary for the organizational aspect for the pantry.


Till now, we’ve got you prepped about the ‘What To Have’s’ in a pantry. Now that you have a list of things that you would need, Let’s Talk DÉCOR!



This is one aspect that makes every pantry unique. Not only does every Pantry has its own unique organization patterns, but the décor of every pantry is really personal to the person that’s going to be using it the most.

Having said that, let’s talk about some basic décor tips we can provide for you to accommodate in your pantry décor. These tips are useful and immediately add the extra texture or that eye catching factor is any pantry.


Let's Go! 


  1. Decide An Overall Décor Theme: Before jumping into the any décor tips or inspirations, we deem it necessary for a theme to be decided upon. This not only make the whole process easier and organized, it gives you a clear idea of what décor accessory/elements to pick for your space.
  2. A Chalk Board: No matter the décor of your pantry, this element is a different and a very useful element in your pantry. It comes in handy when you need to plan your next day or remember the grocery list for the coming week or just to even note down something there & then. This can also be a really fun element if you have kids in the house.Chak board as a style tip for home pantry decoration
  3. Cane Baskets: Cane has been the talk of town since a few years in the interior space and boy do they look good! Not only are they sustainable, environment friendly, the are really useful. We recommend using over-sized cane baskets for the larger items in your pantry. That way, these larger items won’t look scattered & you’ll have a bulky yet stylish element included in the space.Cane baskets as a decor element in a home pantry
  4. Indoor Plants: As everyone knows, we are OBSSESSED with plants and planters. In our opinion, Plants are a Cost effective, lively & essential element of any décor type. To give your pantry a fresh appeal, put indoor plants that don’t require a lot of sunlight and are low maintenance. We recommend putting air purifying plants such as a snake plant to incorporate this element into your pantry.Indoor Plants for pantry decoration
  5. A Wooden Stool / Ladder: This can be a REALLY useful element in a pantry. If you have a pantry that has a bit of a height and we strongly recommend using that height to the brink, a ladder can make you job 100 times easier in reaching higher items. It also adds an eccentric look to the pantry. In case you don’t have the need for a ladder but still have some height in the pantry, a small stool can be a useful and cute addition.A wooden ladder in a home pantry as a style tip
  6. Signage: Signage is an evergreen and a super cute décor element in the pantry. You can incorporate this in the form of a welcome sign on the pantry door, in the form of a identification sign on the pantry door, in form a motivational quote, a fun quote for the kids, if you have any.Coffee, Laundry, Pantry SignageA quote signage for home decor
  7. A Big Centered Chandelier: Everyone need ample light in any space. The pantry is no different. And what better to incorporate it than in the form of a chandelier. Not only will it provide you with ample light in the pantry, it will add be an instant style quotient to pantry. The choice of the chandelier will depend on your overall theme of your pantry.A modern chandelier for decor purposes in a home pantryA centre ceiling light for home decor in a pantry
  8. Wine Rack: This is the MOST useful element in any space. LOL! Jokes apart, everyone stores wine in their pantry for that “occasional” glass here and there. Rather than it being kept loosely on the pantry counter, include a wine rack, in any size in your pantry. Not only will it store the wine bottle properly, it will make for a stylish décor element in that space.

  A Wine Rack for home decorA Metal Wine Rack For Storing Wine In The House Pantry



Well That’s it for this one. We hope this article has helped you get a better insight into the purposes a pantry can fulfil and how to make it in the best way!



If you have any topics you would like to be written upon or discussed, please send them our way, we LOVE exploring new areas to write about!


Have A Good Day!


Much Love <3

Kriti Sharma,



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