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Tips to Decorate your home without Professional help

    1. Add a swing near a balcony or a window in your comfort space. This will give that room a more welcoming feel + you can just get away from your day-to-day routine.                                                                                                                   
    2. While Styling your living room, make sure to use colors like white or ivory or a shade of the lightest silver on your walls. This enables you to include a variety of items in your space and also makes the space look bigger and colourful. To give the walls a little character, you can include carvings in the walls. a perfect example of the same is the colonial wall carvings. E.g. given below:
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    These Classic French carvings make your space look bigger and add a sense of royalty and class to your home. Keep these walls consistent throughout your home to keep the whole theme of the house connected without having the same styling throughout.
    3.    Flooring plays a HUGE role in your home. It sets the whole tone along with your walls. But sometimes, instead of making he flooring match the style of your entire house, make the flooring neutral. This will enable you to get off beat furniture without having to worry too much about the overall appeal of the house.The best way to do this is to keep a white marble or tiles, whichever you prefer, marble being the ideal choice.
    4.    BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS. If you’re a reader or not, books can add so much character to your home without doing much. dedicate a whole corner, wall or a shelf to books of your choice or magazines to make your house seen fuller without having to do much. This setting is ideal for contemporary style homes/ farmhouses or in apartments with high ceilings.
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    5.     Pillow Pile up 
    Pillows are our favorite accessory! Even with a basic couch, pillow can make such a statement in your home.Take a white to a dark colored couch and buy tons of pillows of your liking. Pile them up one on top of each other on one couch and see the magic. They add so much to the space and you can change them frequently without having to spend too much. This was, you can change the color statement in your space whenever you like!
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    6.     MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL, make my home the            prettiest of them ALL. 
    Mirrors can be an integral part of our home design. Adding mirrors to a small space can make the space look bigger and more in trend. Make a DIY mirror. Select a frame of your choice from your favorite shop or vendor according to your home’s interior or you could be a little off beat and not go with you home interior style and just add a mirror to that and voila! 
    If you’re a believer in VAASTU or FENG SHUI, mirrors can contribute a great deal to your home’s vibe according to the above-mentioned beliefs.
    Adding mirrors to the entrance to your home or the home’s lobby area, amplifies the space and also gives you a chance to do a final look test before you step out of your home! :)
    7.    Another Great feature you can add to your home without having to shell out loads and loads of money is adding articles of different cultures to your home. This doesn’t require your home to be in a set style per say. As the articles are an ode to there respective cultures, they only contribute to your home by building character and reflecting your personality and intellect.
    Hope You Enjoyed these tips from LEELATHESTORE.COM to style your home without having to be on lavish budgets. We are here to facilitate all your needs. Visit www.leelathestore.com and explore!!!!
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