Top Interior Trends of 2019!!

Top Interior Trends of 2019!!



 1. STENCILLED TILES: As Fashion is becoming increasingly influenced by the vintage trends and the more inspiration it takes from what went on in the past, similarly home decor trends often get influenced by the past and the vintage appeal.

One of these trends are STENCILLED TILES. These come in a small Square shape tiles (generally) but obviously the size can vary according to your preference. This kind of tiling is best suited for people in love with the homely vibe or a love for culture in their homes.  some houses are aesthetically built good enough to accommodate such a trend in their flooring.While flooring is the main use of this trends, these tiles combine handy to create a statement in your home. Such As

  • TO be used on a vertical wall in a farm house to give a more ‘out-doorsy’ effect to the house.
  • These tiles can be in smaller places such as bathrooms or entryways to mark a creak or contact in their overall theme of the house(which is recommended once in a while)



Wall papers have always been a part of the home decor game. Generally, one prefers to have a more toned-down wall paper, For example shades of white, ivory, pale pinks etc.
This is slowly changing from people making bold choices to accommodate floral patterns or nature inspired wall paper designs in their rooms or living space a burst of color and design since nature is always bold and beautiful itself!! If you are a person who loves to be in the presence of plants or are someone who is looking to brighten a place a bit, try this trend out for sure.



Including A LOT of plants in your house is ALWAYS a good thing. Plants add the natural element as well as add freshness to your home. Although plants go with almost all interior styles, they fall best with white, wooden and contemporary hues.
 One has to be careful to get plants that are best suited for indoors, Because plants emit a lot of CO2, one should be careful to get plants that only emit o2. Such knowledge of options in easily available on the internet.



We ABSOLUTELY LOVE this interior trend. Walls make such a BIG difference to the house and define the look of the house.  If you’re someone who likes to keep the furniture basic or minimal, THIS IS THE WAY FOR YOU. 
You can use textured wall paints or you get the walls panelled as shown in the image below.



B&W has always been a crowd pleaser no matter what aspect. This is a very modern-day trend and has caught the attention of people better than anything. Although this interior style can work out great, we think it has a high chance of becoming monotonous and one can start getting over it pretty SOON.  
However, people who are fond of this interior style can introduce contrasting elements such as plants in their homes. They can also introduce a mix of different metallic elements in their home in contrast to this interior style such as copper lights or brass brass taps etc.




Metals has made a huge comeback in the interior industry. Things like brass taps, corner brass lights, super tall lamps have become a huge trend.
Metals go best with something called the “Minellial Pink” . Although metals go with almost everything, they go particularly well with a home with mix of grey and Minellial pinks. They go REALLY well with interiors that has a high influence of wood as well.Ive used the same image in the Black & White Section to show that they go really well with Minimal interiors as well and work really well as contrasting elements.


I know most of you associate the term “Dark Room” with a game but it is really getting along well in the interior business.  Imagine a room with dark Blue walls, a dark marble floor. Seems too much right? WRONGGG!
Dark Rooms, contrary to popular belief are really beautiful if put together with the right colors and accessories. If you are planning to make a space a little darer then you usually do, go for colors like Dark Grey, Dark Blue and colors on similar lines on the walls. As you do this, make sure to introduce brass or copper elements into this room as they are going to stand out and give the room a glamorous look.


 Wood is another element that can be used to darken the room's look. For example, in the image below, wood has been used on walls to give the room a darker and richer look.


So, here are our Favorite trends of home décor at the moment. We hope this has helped you in some way or perhaps guided you to introduce a unique element to your home or persuaded you to step out of your comfort zone a bit & "Experiment".
Look forward to sharing many Home Décor ideas and thoughts with you guys!!!



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