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KKARMA- My Contribution

Is a NON-PROFIT organisation that began in 2011. The Founder- Mrs. Kavita A. Sharma, started this initiative to support underprivileged women & children. 

What started as a small charitable trust under Mrs. Sharma, is now an institution of limitless virtue. With their noticeable & commendable work towards the welfare & upliftment of underprivileged women & children by providing them work & education, respectively. 

Under the guidance of Mrs. Sharma, KKARMA has undertaken the management of schools & helped in giving many women work & promoting their work on different platform such as exhibitions etc. 

LLA - LeelaTheStore & KKARMA are proud to announce this association & are eager to make a difference in our society. We bring you products made by the women we support. It is their hard work & their skill that we are promoting. All that you purchase in this section & donation, will go towards the support of these women & children.

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