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Zyra Vases

Zyra Vases

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Our exquisite Zyra vases, meticulously crafted from premium aluminium and adorned with intricate hand-carved flower details. These stunning vases stand as timeless pieces of art, marrying elegance with craftsmanship to elevate any room they grace.

Standing tall and proud, these vases serve as striking focal points, commanding attention with their graceful silhouette and delicate floral motifs. Their shimmering silver finish adds a touch of opulence, while the hand-carved flowers imbue each vase with a sense of natural beauty and charm.

For a truly captivating display, fill these vases with tall, slender blooms like lilies or orchids, allowing their natural beauty to complement the intricate floral patterns adorning the vases themselves. Alternatively, showcase them empty as standalone pieces of art, allowing their sculptural beauty to shine. Comes as a set of two.

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Measurements :

Medium - 82cms, Large - 92cms

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